The Vision of Scargill

Worship in the Chapel
Worship in the Chapel


Scargill:  A Renewed Vision


Three dimensions of Scargill:

1.     Spiritual growth and renewal

2.     Stewardship and Sustainability

3.     Social outreach



·        Community lies at the very heart of Scargill. There needs to be a core community of believing Christians, membership discerned by all (democratic), with shared values and complementary skills and gifts. This core could be supplemented by others visitors/temporary members, who are sympathetic to the Christian ethos but need not be fully ‘signed up’ – Scargill to be a place where such could come to faith.

 The Community to include surrounding areas, so people might live nearby rather than on site, and still be full members. The Community to be visible, and share the key value of hospitality to strangers. This hospitality is key and has been one of the reasons in the past that people have kept returning to Scargill.  

There should be a ‘broad church’ ethos which allows for and celebrates a variety of worship styles and respects differences, whilst holding firm to core Christian truths – a place to nurture spirituality.

·        A place seeking to promote ecology and sustainability, with stewardship of the earth at the heart of its estate and hospitality management. With 100 acres to care for and hundreds of guests passing through there is a great opportunity and responsibility to be ‘doers of the word’ environmentally – to set an example and to live out that example, whether in terms of energy-saving light bulbs and recycling or buying Fairtrade produce and healthy eating.

·        Social outreach lies at the heart of the gospel and has been reflected in some of the vision and activities of recent years. Courses designed to encourage inter-faith dialogue and create a deeper understanding and awareness of each other have been much appreciated by those who attended them. Work to help asylum seekers and prisoners demonstrates love in action – and this work needs to be built upon and developed.



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